"...The old gypsy woman doesn't ask you for permission, she just takes your hands, she insist, she wants to put a spell on you, that teller of good fortunes . Just give in, you have nothing to be afraid of. If you only want to listen in one hear, you can, it's your right to, but take a good look at her, although it does not seem like it, she might teach you how to dance, you know, the fortune teller. Trust her, she knows things, she might show you a bear, steal some of your money, but what is a few pennies? She will just be getting rid of what you do not need, that 's all."Olivier Steiner

"In a bohemian life, it's well known, we die. We dance, feet in the air, we smile, we suffer, today here, tomorrow far away, we have our hair in a mess, we travel. No attachment, ever, we never give up, we refuse to die, we despise death with fervour, but we die, if anything, while singing..."Olivier Steiner