The bohemian spirit Fleur de sama, dresses the women aspiring a romantic and a bohemian soul, with a collection of "Boho chic " clothes with touches of free spirit and journey. Our fabrics and designs are an invitation to a journey, always keeping it unique thanks to creations only made in limited edition.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

began 10 years ago with an unlikely encounter between two strangers and with a flash decision being made, which, in less than an hour, had them meet again on a plane 15 days later.The beginning of a great friendship and an endless journey thus began.

One in the fashion industry and the other in the ready-to-wear industry, they planted a small seed that sprouted slowly in their minds. They eventually changed their horizon and brought Fleur de Sama to life.

1 bis rue de l'église
17310 Saint Pierre d'Oléron


We offer a one-size-fits-all collection crafted from limited edition fabrics, which makes each design its very own. With this concept, the customer will feel special. In addition, it facilitates managing your stock and easily suits every body type.

of our fabrics makes each style basically unique and, therefore, your store will be constantly renewed, which will win the loyalty of your customers. We will take the time to explain how to present and accessorize our outfits so that your customers are satisfied with their purchases.

our site. We hope you have fun immersing yourself in our universe.

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Jura Suisse

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